L&K Engineering carries out a fire drill to prevent fire ignition.

November 2017 is a propaganda month of fire safety. L&K Engineering (Suzhou) Co. Ltd. organized fire evacuation and extinguishment drill of this year at 10:18 am on November 24.
To strengthen fire safety consciousness of the staff and implement the policy of “put prevention first and combine prevention with elimination”, the emergency management of the company shall be standardized so that all colleagues can master common sense of escaping and the skills of extinguishing fire at the initial stage of fire in the drill, keep well-aligned in emergencies and leave from the scene timely and effectively. Leaders of the company paid high attention to the drill and made a detailed annual fire drilling plan under guidance of EHS center and the cooperation with colleagues of fire drilling group before the drill. The principals in each link had clear and distinct responsibilities.
Staff of Security Office introduced the way to use fire extinguishers and fire hoses, did a fire drill using fire extinguishers and conducted interactive experience after evacuation. The staff involved in the drill operated fire extinguishers by themselves and put out the fire according to specifications and requirements. EHS center summarized the whole activity after the drill.
This drill achieved the expected effect, strengthened the safety awareness and self-help skills of company-wide staff, improved the emergency response capacity and team work ability of all departments in emergency, and laid a solid foundation for future fire emergencies.


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