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----Yangzhou University scholarship award ceremony and Yaxiang Campus Recruitment

In the morning of December 7, 2017, Scholarship Awards ceremony and campus job fair of L&K Engineering was held in Meeting Room S533 of Knowledge Hall in Yangzijin Campus of Yangzhou University. Zhuang Ziping, Vice President of L&K Engineering, Ju Xueming, Deputy Minister of Student Work Department in Yangzhou University, Chen Keqin, Director of Employment Guidance Center, Wang Jianjun, CPC Deputy Secretary of School of Hydraulic Energy and Power Engineering, Zhang Feng, CPC Deputy Secretary of Environmental Science and Engineering School and other people attended the ceremony.

The ceremony was open with warm applause. Firstly, the director Chen Keqin read the list of winners and gave the prizes. There were ten students getting the award of L&K Engineering scholarship, totally RMB 30,000 this time. Zhao Meng of School of Hydraulic Energy and Power Engineering gave a speech towards the awarding. Then, Zhuang Ziping, Vice President, delivered a speech, introduced the development and operation principle of L&K Engineering, thanked Yangzhou University for providing excellent graduates and gave warm congratulations to the winners. At last, Deputy Secretary of CPC of School of Hydraulic Energy and Power Engineering Wang Jianjun delivered an important speech, showed an outlook of career prospects to students, expressed sincere thanks to the long-term care and support of L&K Engineering and affirmed the hard work of winners.

The on-campus recruitment was open with a promotional video of the company to give students a primary understanding of L&K Engineering. Zhuang Ziping, Vice President, introduced the L&K Engineering under high technology industry booming; Wu Xiaofeng, the manager of Human Resources Department showed the thorough compensation and welfare of L&K Engineering and so on. The graduates had great expectation on the company and the recruitment fair was successfully ended with thick resumes.


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