L&K Members show their distinct style and present their elegant demeanour in badminton game


---The eighth Park Association invited participants in badminton saija Xiang

In specialty field, L&K members always move forward and rank the top by their excellent specialty literacy, top-ranking management and construction level. In the field of enterprise cultural construction, L&K members never fall behind. As soon as the notification of the Eighth Badminton Invitational Tournament of Taiwan Association is given out, L&K members have actively responded that. A playing team with strong strength has been established in a very short time.
All players are valiant and excellent, and they desire to join the game immediately. Although it feels a little cold in November, L&K members’ enthusiasm is not influenced a bit. They look very vigorous.

There are 18 playing teams in all, and every team has strong strength. L&K members are all very courageous. One L&K player casts a high and far ball which makes the competitor feel exhausted to catch the ball. Soon our player casts a quick ball which makes the competitor unable to catch the ball. Soon a wonderful ball with “SKILLFUL DRIVE” draws lots of cheers…… The small ball is ceaselessly hit by rackets of both sides of players, and the match is very intense. Badminton balls on the pitch fly one by one graceful arcs which mirror players’ strong and vigorous figure and shadow. The enthusiasm runs high, which completely makes people forgotten the cold in winter.

After a full day of fierce competition, L&K members have showed their high fighting will and superb badminton skill, meanwhile the elegant and excellent characteristics of L&K Group has been showed up. What an impressive and wonderful badminton game!


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