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--Remember the September 2017 Yaxiang cadre training activities

Suzhou in September is still a little hot. In this a little hot but full of harvest joy season, 2017 training of L&K cadres begins. General Manager Mr. Mao Zhihui led main senior executives to beautiful Suzhou Taihu Cowboy Resort.

This arrangement for cadre training is very full and splendid. Team of senior executives of L&K is very strong, and every one of them is bright and brave:

What are firstly to talk about are outdoor activities. Under the lead of trainer, everyone joined a lot of meaningful activities. For example, they lined up and each other tapped shoulders and knocked backs to their front and back team-mates in order to feel serving for team-mates or receiving services from team-mates. Everyone felt the warm from team-mates, and they were more grateful to each other.

For another example, all people are divided into multiple teams, and all teams compete against each other. Members in the same team need cooperate with and encourage each other. By this way, every member exerted amazed brilliance, and everyone in the team has one goal and great strength.

Again, every team joined up together and then the big team accomplished many tasks that were seemed to be impossible. Everyone has fully realized the great cohesion power of the team. If we unit together, no difficulties can beat us!

Through outdoor activities, everyone’s body and mental has been respectively exercised and enhanced. By virtue of knowledge and experience elaborately prepared by each department, vocational level of everyone has been greatly promoted. Everyone one after another shares their successful experience, advanced way of thinking, and distinct solution to difficulties. All their sharing contents are valuable. All participant members are very concentrative. They sometimes take notes, sometimes seriously think, and review what they have just learnt.

After the class, team members stay up to continuously learn, actively discuss related contents, and elaborately make related courseware. Teams compete among each other, and every team communicates and shares their feelings and experiences……

Time flies. Three days of cadre training have ended up, while everyone longs for more activities and communication. Everyone feels deeply and has learnt a lot of things in three days. This is an impressive experience. This training activity has made us know what the real meaning of team is, what communication is, what cooperation is, and how we cooperate with each other can exert the greatest team strength. At the same time, this training activity also has taught us that we shall learn to be grateful, tolerate, and encouraging. Only this kind of team can maintain youth forever, and has the great strength to overcome all difficulties.



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