One Mind and Actual Move Build the Dream

When people are still absorbed in the atmosphere of Christmas, the cadres of L&K Engineering (Suzhou) Company get together beside the beautiful Yangcheng Lake for the second cadre training. The rustling cold wind and lacking of hairy crab at the end of December in Yangcheng Lake can not resist the enthusiasm of the members gathering here.

The cadre training begins with General Manager Mao’s analysis of the current situation of the company and the looking forward to the future. The staff from all departments share their experiences through consensus, report and skill and everybody learns a lot from it.

For the confuses among daily management, we invite a senior consultant from Taiwan of VMTA to explain How to Improve the Executive Force of Managerial Staff in the second day of the training. We learn how to build an excellent team and the skills to enhance vitality and time management of the executive team in a relaxed and happy atmosphere. Chairman Yao’s idea of “Power= Attitude” keeps influencing the staff of L&K.

In the first cadre training, we focus on communication and cooperation and in the second training, we focus on management and implementation. We are changing. We keep making progress. The short trainings give us great impression and we’ve learned so much. On the platform of Yaxiang Company, let’s build our dream together and keep moving.


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