The leader most suitable for the environment -L&K Beijing IC WORLD Expo Report

October Beijing, a clear and crisp autumn city
Although it is chilly, it can't resist
L&K partner's enthusiasm
As the heaven revolves, the gentleman should improve himself
On the occasion of the fortieth anniversary, L&K participated in
the first IC World Conference in Beijing

As the leader most suitable for the environment, we always provide customers with a-full-life-cycle services based on the needs of our customers
General Manager of L&K, together with certain employees of L&K
Welcome everyone to the scene

Leaders of leading companies in all aspects of the electronic industry present in the Expo
Visit & exchange

Leaders in the same industry were also attracted by the exhibits by us to exchanged ideas with us

Leaders of the Tenth People’s Hospital visited the booth of L&K
Having a cordial conversation with Manager Mao

SMIC President visited the Expo

The combination of CFD and VR in the Expo was a highlight, attracting many colleagues from the industry to experience it and letting them feel like being in a clean room without entering the room

Three exhibition areas were erected: Theme communication area; CFD and VR experience area; and one-on-one communication area, respectively, all of whom attracted many colleagues and friends from the industry to come for consultation and discussion

Although the Expo has come to an end, L&K’s liabilities and steps to create the most suitable environment for our customers will not stop. Customers needs are the direction and motivation for us to move forward and look forward to the next meeting


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