2018 Beijing Microelectronics International Symposium and IC WORLD Conference

The Expo carries the Chinese dream of “Made in China 2025”,A joint exchange platform for the high-end chip industry sponsored by China.
The current state-of-the-art high-tech factory building system is complex, seemingly mature, but in the operation and production links of the plant gradually reflect the fact that both of the environmental control and the operational factors are difficult to be predicted. Like an iceberg, the visible part of the water is a well-known and developed part. However, under the surface of the iceberg, there are more large and unpredictable parts and details that need to be known. Therefore, in the Expo, L&K uses the iceberg as a metaphor to discuss and exchange about the world under the iceberg with the high-end chip industry enterprises.
The major companies participating in the Expo have made in-depth exchanges, learnings and discussions around the major systems of the high-end chip industry. As the best leader suitable for the environment, L&K always provides customers with a-full-lifecycle services based on their needs. In today's rapid development of science and technology, the unique concept and corporate culture, together with the tireless efforts of all employees make L&K always at the forefront of the industry.
During the Expo, leaders of all leading companies in the electronic industry participated in the Expo. As the leader in all-round production environment, we showed many outstanding cases with respects to the planning, plant management, market yield improvement, mass production yield improvement and plant expansion. Three major exhibition areas were erected: Theme communication area; CFD and VR experience area; and one-on-one communication area, respectively. There was a surge of people. Our application of CFD and VR and BIM in the industry was also in the position of pioneers, making the visitors of the high-end chip industry come one after another.
Later, we should also continue to innovate and improve, and use the high-quality and complete system to drive the national economy with the high-end chip industry.
The vicissitudes of life witnessed the perfection of time with time; and for the golden age of the years, only the foundation of the profession will be eternal.


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